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(Shin-shinto Handachi that I rewrapped and lacquered)

Cheness Tsuka
Instructions supplied by client
Rewrapped Tsuka

(This is an example of a used 14"
Cheness Cutlery Oniyuri Tsuka
with flat black fittings, and cotton
ito. Note the looseness of the wrap
and the lack of hishigami, or paper
wedges, on the original.

Following the client's instructions
sent to me with the handle, I
rewrapped it in the katatemaki
style, using burgundy silk ito and
new menuki.)


(The owner of these two tsuka wanted the same color ito, but with different styles of wrap)

Photos supplied by client
Photos supplied by client
Photos supplied by client
Photos supplied by client

(These are photos, sent
to me by a client, of a tanto after he had
reassembled the mounts. I wrapped
the tsuka in in a variation of the
Shonin Zuka style.)

(Before, during, and after pics of a tsuka I wrapped in Tsumami Maki)

(Above are two examples of Paul Chen Shinto blades, originally in shirasaya, and purchased from Swords of Might. I remounted them using parts and materials from various sources. For example, the menuki fuchi and kashira on the sword to the left are from Cheness, whereas the fuchi and kashira on the right come from Fred Lohman. The tsuba on both are original Japanese pieces. Also, I cut both tsuka, and the saya on the left, from honoki, the saya on the right is made of teak wood. These Shinto blades exhibit great fumbari.)

(This is a tsuka that I wrapped in the Kawahoso style for an individual in Canada; I used a soft beige/tan leather ito over a black lacquered same')

(Above is a tsuka and saya that
I worked on for a
Philosophy Professor at
Quinnipiac University; his instructions are below)

(Above is a Shinto Wakizashi
that came to me in shira-saya, the
owner purchased the tsuba,
fuchi/kashira, and menuki
separately. I cut, shaped, and
finished the tsuka and saya
from scratch.)

(These are tsuka from inexpensive
Japanese alloy iai-to that were
purchased from the Asian World of Martial Arts by a 13 year old practitioner, and a 15 year
old practitioner.)

(Following thier
instructions, I rewrapped one
in a variation of the Shonin Zuka
style using green silk ito, and the other in the katatemaki style, using gold silk ito. Note on both originals the wrap was loose , they lacked hishigami, or paper wedges, and the menuki were placed upside
down and backwards.)

(This was an older 27.5" blade in
Gunto mounts that I made a new saya & tsuka for incorporating an old set of nanako fuchi/ka, old bird menuki, and a larger open work tsuba; I finished the saya in a urishi/
camphor mix in a speckle pattern)