Picture Gallery Three

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Tsukamai Before / After:

(Before: Late war military tsuka)

(After: Re-wrapped in the standard
late war katate fashion -
Brown Silk ito)

(Lacquered variation of katatemaki)

(Before: Edo period katana tsuka)

(After: Newly cut tsuka with
black lacquered same')

(Wrapped in the menpumaki
moyo iri style - Gold Silk ito)

(Before: Shin-Gunto tsuka)

(After: Ito, Fuchi/Kashira, Menuki
and the remnants of same' removed)

(Wrapped following the original
design - Brown Silk ito)

(Before:Edo period wakizashi tsuka)

(After: Newly cut tsuka matching
size, shape, and style of the original)

(Wrapped in the tsumami maki style
- Gold Silk ito)

(Before: Edo period wakizashi
in shira-saya)

(After: Newly cut tsuka)

(Wrapped in menpumaki moyo iri
style with black lacquered
same' - Black Silk ito)

(Before:Higo Style katana tsuka)
(Original and New sets of F/K/M)

(After: tsuka refitted with new mounts)

(Wrapped in the menpumaki style
- Teal Green Silk ito)

Lacquering Before / After:

(Before: Saya made by me
for a 21" Shinto blade with a medium sori
in Shira-saya mounts)

(After: Black Lacquered with a urishi/ camphor mix in
a medium depth textured pattern)

(Before: Saya made by me
for a 28" Shin-Shinto blade with a shallow sori
in silver handachi mounts)

(After: Black Lacquered with togidashi maki technique,
combining urishi with ground mother of pearl and, to
enhance the greenish cast, aokin)

(Before: Saya made by Mike Virgadamo
for a 29" Koto blade with a deep sori)

(After: Brown Lacquered - urishi/ camphor mix; textured and multicolored)

(Before: Salvageable saya
from a 26" Shin-Shinto blade with a medium sori
in handachi mounts)

(After: Brown Lacquered with a urishi/ camphor mix in
a deep textured patern)