A Dedicated Service Company
We ensure your sword furniture is repaired and restored to its original finish, or customized to your desired design. Here at Tsukamaki.net we focus on 2 main types of service.

The first of these is restoration and preservation of antique Japanese Art Swords; the methods of care for historical or valuable antique sword furniture have changed over the years. No longer considered just functional, antique sword furniture should NOT be cared for or repaired in the same manner as modern sword fittings. This type of service demands traditional materials and techniques.

The second service focuses more on Modern or Newly Made Japanese Swords. These are primarily functional swords with durable fittings customized to match the customer's needs, both for display and to stand-up to the rigors of regular use.

Thomas Buck been collecting and studying the Japanese Art Sword for over thirty years, acquiring his first Samurai Sword in October, 1975. In 1987, with the guidance of Dr.W.Y.Takahashi, Sensei, he began a three year intensive study/apprenticeship of the restoration and preservation techniques of John Grimmitt and Takahiro Ichinose, concentrating his research on Tsukamaki and Japanese Lacquerware. Since 1988, he has been performing restoration work on tsuka for various institutions, private collectors, and dealers including the Denver Art Musuem, the Oregon Art Institute, and the Fred Lohman Company.

Future Goals
We continue to research and revise our use of modern and trational materials, techniques and applications in the science and art of Japanees Swords. If you have any suggestions or ideas, let us know.